How to install water pump completed with alignment?

On my last post,i already showed my video about how to install soft gland packing seal for water pump.This time i want share some information on my video how to install water pump complete with alignment.

This is common technique for maintenance person to install back the water pump to electric motor.To operated water pump,we need connected with electric motor using coupling.But it is not easy as we thinks if not do it with the correct technique.

If motor coupling and water pump not parallel to each other or not in correct alignment,it can cause bearing damage and more serious it can cause motor winding defect or water pump impeller jammed. read more

How to replaced soft gland packing seal?

Normally sealed for rotating shaft have a 2 methods.It is a mechanical seal and soft gland packing.Soft gland packing is a conventional shaft seal for water pump and rotating equipment system.

The main purpose is for prevent water leaking through the shaft during rotating process.It also provide a seal to create compression to push the water through the propeller and pump out the water.

The advantage of soft gland packing seal such as easy to install,low friction,no wear on shaft or sleeve,long life span,flexible with shaft and low maintenance.This time i want share my experience how to replaced a soft gland packing seal.

For more detail technique for replacement works,please watch my video below.Please use the proper tools and take a necessary precaution about hazard and the important is SAFETY FIRST :-

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motor nameplate information #4 – Safety

Now in stater motor industry,their design a new advance technology for control a electric motor.In industry the Variable speed drive,soft stater and inverter very common used.It is very efficient and can save a electricity cost.

This time i want explain about safety information for electric motor.This information is safety certificate from third party.For more better electric motor design and function,the manufacture must alert about new technology for motor.

They can design a motor suitable with new technology of motor controller.It can make motor more efficient and can running in full capacity.The important thing is the motor can have more long life span. read more

Electric motors efficiency

Electric motor principle is convert the energy from electrical to mechanical process.The mechanical process is a load such as pump,blower,grinding and etc.Energy will lost from this process.

We can determine the efficiency of a electric motor by intrinsic losses.To reduced it we only can changes in motor design and operating condition. From lab test,a losses can vary from 2% to 20 %.

The simple definition of efficiency motor is “the ratio of a motor’s useful power output to its total power output.”
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motor nameplate information #2 – Mechanical input

Last time i already explain about Electrical input. This time i want explain about mechanical output electric motor such as horse power,RPM ( running per minute),torque and slip.

From this data we can calculate and design a suitable mechanical device for output load such as pump,propeller,compressor,cutting machine,blower and etc.

We also can determine a correct size for motor coupling,diameter of shaft,load pressure and type of material for our machine or equipment design.

I explain detail about mechanical output information normally we can found at electric motor name plate. read more

motor nameplate information #1 – Electrical Input

The important information that we can see on motor nameplate is a electrical input.From this we can know what the voltage for motor,the suitable frequency,full load ampere,type of connection ( star or delta ),power factor and others.

We can collected the data for induction motor from name plate.This information is very important to troubleshooting or rectify any problem happen about that motor.

This information is critical items to ensure we install the right motor ans suitable with our application.Ok,i explain the detail about electrical input for induction motor that we can found on name plate. read more

How to replace bearings for electric induction motor?

For electric motor failure causes,the common defected for mechanical part is bearing.Normally 1 unit motor have a 2 pieces of bearing and type of bearing for induction motor is ball bearing full metal cover ( ZZ ).

Root cause for bearings problem usually such as rusty due to condensation process,ball in housing broken,grease was burn out,a ball bearing nest broken and overload or motor shaft connected with load is not alignment properly.

For electrician or maintenance person,this is a routine jobs and it is a compulsory skills for this person who involved in electrical motor field.

This time i want share my little experience how to replaced bearing for electric induction motor.Don’t worry, i explain detail step by step how it done in my video.I hope it can be a guideline  to do it yourself in actual workplaces. Read more