motor nameplate information #6 – Construction

This information is very useful when we selected the electric motor.From this data we can estimate the type of motor and the suitable application to ensure it running full capacity and more efficiency.

This is a basic data that we can get from electric motor name plate.Normally it tell about enclosure,motor frame,and bearing.This information can make we easier to rectify any problem when motor is defected.

Example we can know the size and type of bearing used for that motor.We can know the information without dismantle the motor.Only from the nameplate of motor. read more

motor nameplate information #4 – Safety

Now in stater motor industry,their design a new advance technology for control a electric motor.In industry the Variable speed drive,soft stater and inverter very common used.It is very efficient and can save a electricity cost.

This time i want explain about safety information for electric motor.This information is safety certificate from third party.For more better electric motor design and function,the manufacture must alert about new technology for motor.

They can design a motor suitable with new technology of motor controller.It can make motor more efficient and can running in full capacity.The important thing is the motor can have more long life span. read more

Electric motors efficiency

Electric motor principle is convert the energy from electrical to mechanical process.The mechanical process is a load such as pump,blower,grinding and etc.Energy will lost from this process.

We can determine the efficiency of a electric motor by intrinsic losses.To reduced it we only can changes in motor design and operating condition. From lab test,a losses can vary from 2% to 20 %.

The simple definition of efficiency motor is “the ratio of a motor’s useful power output to its total power output.”
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motor nameplate information #3 – Performance

Last time i already discuss about Electrical input and Mechanical output parameters.This time i try to describe about performance parameter.Normally this parameter tell about motor efficiency,services factor and motor duty.From this parameter we can decide and design the system for efficiency motor.

We can determine the suitable stater such as inverter,VSD or soft stater to control the motor running operation.If motor can running in high efficiency,we can save a maintenance cost,electrical cost and improve productivity.

Here i explain detail about performance parameter that normally state on electric motor name plate :- read more

motor nameplate information #1 – Electrical Input

The important information that we can see on motor nameplate is a electrical input.From this we can know what the voltage for motor,the suitable frequency,full load ampere,type of connection ( star or delta ),power factor and others.

We can collected the data for induction motor from name plate.This information is very important to troubleshooting or rectify any problem happen about that motor.

This information is critical items to ensure we install the right motor ans suitable with our application.Ok,i explain the detail about electrical input for induction motor that we can found on name plate. read more


Relays have a wide range of application in industry.Even with the advent of electronic control such as PLC and other solid state devices such as thyristors,the electromechanical relay still retain a high level of acceptance.

We can found relay in every where such as control panel,equipment and machinery.It is common use for automation and motor control application.

The reason for this is that for simple types of control,relay offer a cost effective solution.They are available in a large range of configurations from small of only 10mm in length with multiple contact pair for data communication,to large relay called contactor for carrying heavy current loads in applications such as switching 3 phase motors. read more

Auto transformer starter

This starter produces high efficiency and have the option to be adjusted to obtain the necessary torque and in accordance with the system.It very efficiency stater but the disadvantage is it very high cost to setup control panel stater.

It can improved torque ratio is achieved and starting current is typically 3 times Full Load Current , depending on the voltage taps selected.Typically it have taps at 50%,65% and 80% voltage.

During start-up, the motor is connected to the auto transformer’s tapping. This means that the motor starts up with a reduced voltage and a correspondingly low current.


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