Measuaring motor insulation using HI POT tester

When we need to evaluate the motor condition,HI-POT tester or High Potential tester is the common equipment are used.As we know,a multimeter or ohm meter reading only can determine if a motor winding is open or shorted but cannot checked winding insulation condition if shorted with ground or phase.

The main purpose of the Hi Pot tester is to verify the quality and integrity of the electric motor insulation materials used on the armature or stator and also safe to using it without any defect.

Sometime we not take a serious attention or not know about it to checked winding insulation.This step is important to ensure motor can running in good condition without any breakdown. read more

Dual voltage motor

If we take a look at electric motor nameplate,we can see the several important information and specification about electric motor.This time i want explain about dual voltage for power supply.

It is like a simple thing and not so important BUT if we make a mistake about electric motor voltage power supply,it can cause the winding damage and burn out.That why i would like to share about this information to avoid serious damage for electric motor.

The reason why motor manufacture design dual voltage is to make this motor available for any country used because every country have a different voltage value such as 200 VAC,600 VAC and 415 VAC.It also so for marketing strategy to increase their profit margin. read more

How to replaced soft gland packing seal?

Normally sealed for rotating shaft have a 2 methods.It is a mechanical seal and soft gland packing.Soft gland packing is a conventional shaft seal for water pump and rotating equipment system.

The main purpose is for prevent water leaking through the shaft during rotating process.It also provide a seal to create compression to push the water through the propeller and pump out the water.

The advantage of soft gland packing seal such as easy to install,low friction,no wear on shaft or sleeve,long life span,flexible with shaft and low maintenance.This time i want share my experience how to replaced a soft gland packing seal.

For more detail technique for replacement works,please watch my video below.Please use the proper tools and take a necessary precaution about hazard and the important is SAFETY FIRST :-

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Cooling method for transformer

Why cooling system for transformer very important? The amount of heat from a transformer typically dissipated  is about 12.5 watts per square meter of surface area per degree C.It also can prolong the transformer life span if it running in normal temperature without exceed the maximum limit.

Normally transformer installed in special area or room for power distribution such as sub station or power room.The heat generated from transformer must be removed by circulate the air by ventilation or by the cooling system.

Commonly manufacture use a method of lettering is used to denote the form of cooling for a particular transformer.Four upper case letters are used.The first pair of letters are for the heat removal from the windings and core. read more

Capacitor Start Motor

Capacitor start motor is common used in domestic and industrial application for air-condition,blower fan,vacuum cleaner,water pump and many more.

Basic operation for the motor capacitor start is during starting,capacitor will create the wave of current to one or more winding for motor that need to generate rotating electromagnet to turn the stator of motor.

It’s has a primary and an additional winding  connected with starting capacitor.It’s connected to a series of capacitors and centrifugal switches.

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Induction motor fault finding

Induction motor is common application for domestic and industrial for machinery and production equipment.We can found electric motor in every where and should have a basic knowledge about how to troubleshooting or fault finding when we facing the motor breakdown.

If we not have any experience or not familiar with induction motor,we will face some trouble and if it’s fault finding done by un-experience person,fault finding task is very difficult and maybe can cause a serious damage or injury.It required knowledge and experience to trouble shooting and found the root cause for the problem.

So,this time i share with you`ll a basic fault finding for induction motor.Hope can be a guide for electricians.I listed some usual problem and solution for induction motor.Please refer my fault finding and recognition table. read more

Motor Capacitor Run

Motor capacitor run basic operation is same with motor capacitor start that use a capacitor to generate the current pulse and create the electromagnetic field for the winding to push a rotor to turn around.

Normally capacitor for this motor made from polypropylene film capacitors  material and it can running continuous without any problem.Run capacitor rated from 2 μf until 100 μf with nominal single phase voltage 110 VAC,240 VAC and 440 VAC.

If we installed the capacitor with wrong wiring termination,it’s can’t generated the electromagnetic field and motor not running.We can recognize this symptom if motor create a noising sound and it’s can make a motor drop the performance and more serious can cause the winding damage.   read more