Star Delta Circuit Diagram

The most active post in Electrical Engineering Centre blog is Star delta starter and Star Delta motor connection.I received many comments and request for Star Delta circuit diagram.

So this time i want share my simple star delta circuit diagram completed with power and control line circuit.I hope it can be as basic reference for all electrician about star delta starter diagram.

Star delta starter is a common used in domestic and industry sector to drive variant application such as chiller water pump,machinery,air-compressor and many more equipment.

Why star delta become common starter of motor control?

It is because this starter have a simple circuit diagram,low cost application and can drive for high horse power motor with low friction and can reduce starting torque with acceptable condition.

But this starter also tricky for beginner electrician and who not familiar with 6 wire electric motor.Actually it not too difficult if we have fully understanding the principle of star delta motor,starter sequence,circuit diagram and their operation.

For more detail please read my last post about star delta starter,star delta motor connection and many more topics about star delta in motor control categories.

If have any question or suggestion,please drop down your comment and we can share others circuit diagram of my circuit diagram not too clear but i attached together with another circuit diagram for reference.


Example for star delta circuit diagram


For more detail star delta circuit diagram,please download PDF files with click the link below :-


* NOTE : This is one of circuit diagram design for star delta.It have variant design of star delta diagram depend on designer style for motor control.The important thing is it can operated with correct sequence and operation to avoid motor from serious damage or burn out.


  1. Hi

    Plz if possible Differant type starter and it’s fundamental with wiring diagram require.

  2. Joseph says

    Thanks for the info it helps a lot..

  3. Kalyowa Samuel says

    the circuit diagram is not clear and its labeling.

  4. Electrician in new York landscape lighting Nyc says

    Although electricity is used in every aspect of our lives, it is very dangerous for you to mess with if you haven’t been formally trained and educated. Whenever you have electrical problems, hire an electrician right away are the best in this field.

  5. Jagdish D Shrirao says

    please give description about how to work star delta from control wiring diagram

  6. james bako says

    Hi, this is worth reading, but

    1) The control and power circuit diagrams are not clear to be read.
    2) I am sorry, the motor would not run when it is switched on to delta.

    • Hi James..thanks for the input…
      i already upload another example for star delta starter diagram.It more clear and simple.

  7. Nasir khan says

    Hello Dear

    plz send me some pdf books of Electrician and circuit diagrams of Star Delta by my email address because I havn’t Internet facility in this company so just I will download it from email in Net cafe. “” thanks for your attention

  8. I need meet digram with no and nc connection method

  9. i am also an engineer of ETC…’s really good site for engineers….good job….

  10. sanjaypoonia says

    Sir “I want r/forwored sewitch for tha 30 HP moter wireing .

  11. sir when the motor is in star delta for instance 45 kilo watts how and where can you connect the overload is it on phase or line circuit

  12. here is a question you have a three phase 4 pole motor of 75 kilo watts how can u carry out your connection with a single phase supply (240 volts) to run the named motor

  13. Ssebalamu Robert says

    I want to see clear connection diagrams of star delta start with a timer

  14. francis says

    Hi pliz send me the rating of the aplliances to be connected with a 40hp three phase motor i a star delter formation

  15. Shahaji Miskin says

    Why should connect star first??

  16. Walter says

    Need help via privancy

  17. how ll I get your post through my Facebook page

  18. i want to make star delta..can u give me a complet star delta control pannel cercuit diagram please. thank you..

  19. pankaj ojha says

    i want to make star delta can you give me a complet star delta control cercuit diagram urgent requirement please. Thanks.

  20. jayesh patel says

    Spp Star Delta starter diagram sent and help me

  21. Blessing Mauto says

    Hi can you explain to me how a star delta operates,you can send via my emai

  22. hi sir/maam. can you pls. help me!! Ineed a connection of a Wye-Delta With a timer off connection!! the timer will stop when the delta is running tnks..

  23. Shivaraj says

    hai sir.please send me. The ckt and internal diagram or internal wiring connections pictures..please mail electrical engg

  24. Chance Mwakilama says

    Hy,this is very interesting.Am teaching Electrical and hope to benefit more from this page.

  25. Chance Mwakilama says

    Please I need more information about transformers,motors and batteries.U may send it to

  26. ISAAC Nyamekye says

    Good morning Dear Sir / Madam this is Isaac Nyamekye from Good morning Electrical Engineering a new school to trean youth who have no help.And we trean this people to have practical skills in other to help them self.please we need partenaship in other to help as.God bless you for helping us

  27. ISAAC Nyamekye says

    We are in Ghana westafrica.Accra -Tema

  28. santhakumar says

    How is possible to star delta connection at a time of working?

  29. I think starting delta connection while working is not possible but if it is possible then let me know how.

  30. SAMUEL says

    Good morning sir/madam please I want to know if star and delta contactors works at the same time or the star drops when delta picks

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