How to replace bearings for electric induction motor?

For electric motor failure causes,the common defected for mechanical part is bearing.Normally 1 unit motor have a 2 pieces of bearing and type of bearing for induction motor is ball bearing full metal cover ( ZZ ).

Root cause for bearings problem usually such as rusty due to condensation process,ball in housing broken,grease was burn out,a ball bearing nest broken and overload or motor shaft connected with load is not alignment properly.

For electrician or maintenance person,this is a routine jobs and it is a compulsory skills for this person who involved in electrical motor field.

This time i want share my little experience how to replaced bearing for electric induction motor.Don’t worry, i explain detail step by step how it done in my video.I hope it can be a guidelineĀ  to do it yourself in actual workplaces.

Bearing electric motor replacement

Feel free to watching my video about ” how to replaced bearing for electric motor ” and drop any comments :D enjoy it !!


  1. From a vibration standpoint, you guys are damaging the bearing by installing it that way.

    • HI Phuong Le,it look rough but actually the impact was balance through the outer bearing housing.It not damage the bearing.since I use this method, has never been any damage to the bearings that I replaced.
      anyway thanks for your comment,it will damage if we not used a proper method.

  2. brian korir says

    Your video has really solved some problems I have been experiencing in my field of profession.thank u mr great. Engineer

  3. i am an Electrician and i am not much conversant with how contactors work hand in hand with relays please email me

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