Electric motors efficiency

Electric motor principle is convert the energy from electrical to mechanical process.The mechanical process is a load such as pump,blower,grinding and etc.Energy will lost from this process.

We can determine the efficiency of a electric motor by intrinsic losses.To reduced it we only can changes in motor design and operating condition. From lab test,a losses can vary from 2% to 20 %.

The simple definition of efficiency motor is “the ratio of a motor’s useful power output to its total power output.”
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The E-WASTE or Electronic Waste is a Scheduled Wastes.It must be dispose with specific method or recycle it back.If not the e-waste can polluted our environment.The simple definition for E-WASTE or Electronic waste is the unused,broken or obsolete of electrical or electronic device likes television,radio,refrigerant,light bulb,computer,mobile phone,battery and etc.

Some electronic or electric component have a  hazardous  of heavy metal and toxic likes Arsenic,Antimony,Selenium,Furan,Dioxin,Sulfur,PCB,Cadmium,Mercury,Lead,Brominated Flame Retardants and Beryllium.It can cause the serious  health problem if its expose to human or animals.

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Efficient Electrical Appliances

When buying electrical appliances it is important to choose the right size.Refrigerators, air conditioning equipment,water heaters, televisions, and vacuum cleaners come in various sizes. Basically larger size of equipment consume more energy.

The cost of electricity used by an appliance over its working life often exceeds the purchase price of the appliance. Hence when purchasing an equipment one should consider the “total cost” of owning the equipment.

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Frequency Inverter

The Frequency Inverter or Frequency Converter is sometimes also called VSD (Variable Speed Drive), VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) or simply Drives, which is probably the most common name.

This device is very common use in industrial sector because it user friendly and easy to install.It usually can control many equipment or machinery such as :

  • Air-Condition
  • Blower & fan
  • Water pump
  • Food processor machine
  • Conveyance machinery
  • Packing machinery
  • Textile machine
  • Machine tools
  • Furnace
  • or ETC

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Soft starter

A soft starter has different characteristics to the other starting methods. It has thyristors in the main circuit, and the motor voltage is regulated with a printed circuit board.It can control the current flow to motor more efficient and stability.

The soft starter makes use of the fact that when the motor voltage is low during start, the starting current and starting torque is also low.This type of motor starting is common used for air-condition and chiller system because it can reduce starting current in rush and can made a compressor more life span.

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