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I’m involved in Electrical & Instrument field around 13 years and start from zero.My education background is Mechanical Engineering but more passionate when involved with Electrical and Automation task.I’m passion about wiring and control design.My hobbies is collected the hand tools from various of brands around the world :)

The main purpose¬†I’ve¬†created this electrical blog is to Sharing The Knowledge about Electric Motor,Circuit Diagram,Cable,Wire,Formulas,Theory,Motor control,HVAC,Video,Earthing & Many More.

From this electrical blog,I would like to shared my experience and knowledge about Electrical and Automation Engineering.You’re welcome to share any information about Electrical or Automation in my blog.I’m excited to explore a new things because its a part of learning process.If you have any comment,improvement,ideas or suggestion please leave your comment or email to me.

My email : electricneutron@gmail.com
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