How to install water pump completed with alignment?

On my last post,i already showed my video about how to install soft gland packing seal for water pump.This time i want share some information on my video how to install water pump complete with alignment.

This is common technique for maintenance person to install back the water pump to electric motor.To operated water pump,we need connected with electric motor using coupling.But it is not easy as we thinks if not do it with the correct technique.

If motor coupling and water pump not parallel to each other or not in correct alignment,it can cause bearing damage and more serious it can cause motor winding defect or water pump impeller jammed.

So make sure we done the task with carefully and follow the steps to avoid any problem due to improper installed works for water pump.I hope with my simple video below can provide information and benefit to all of you.


How to install water pump completed with alignment?


  1. haitham hashim says

    I liked film you pump your ability to deliver information Excellent

  2. FYI, many electronics tools available
    for shaft alignment. unbalance alignment
    cause electric consumption increase.
    why not u try to find out the useful electronics
    tools for shaft allignment

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