Types Of Motor Enclosures

The main purpose of motor enclosure is to provides protection from environment  impacts such as rain,corrosive,rusty and many more in which motor installed.

This protection can make motor more life span and can running in suitable condition.It also provide a types of cooling system for a motor depend on their types of enclosure.

Before we select a motor enclosures for our application,please review about location,types of environment impact and ambient temperature to avoid any mistaken.

What is common types for motor enclosures?

Normally there are have two categories of enclosure,it is open and totally enclosed.It depend on our application and location when install a motor.Following is the types of motor enclosure :-


1) Open Drip Proof (ODP)

This type have a design with vent opening to prevent solids and liquids foreign material entering from above with angles up to 15 degree from vertical position that can damaging interior component of motor.

If motor install not in the horizontal position,we need to make a additional cover to protect the motor.  This type of enclosure can suitable for the free contaminates environment.


2) Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (TENV)

This types is designed with totally enclosed to blocked the exchange of air between surrounded area and inside of the motor.But it is not fully enclosed because contaminated from outside could entering inside of motor through the seal of shaft.

The motor heat exchange through the enclosed by conduction process for small size.But for bigger size, the frame designed with heavily ribbed to help dissipate heat more quickly.This type is suitable for indoor or outdoor with air surrounding contain corrosive or harmful impacts.


3) Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)

This type is similar to the TENV type except it have external fan mounted at the end drive of motor.This fan purposely to generated more cooling capacity with blowing air over the exterior of the motor to discharge heat more quickly.

The design of shroud cover for the fan is to prevent form touching hazard and for safety reason.This type suitable for corrosive,dirty or moist surrounding area.TEFC motor are common used for industrial and domestic application.

4) Explosion Proof (XP)

This type of motor enclosure is similar design and appearence with the TEFC type but for Explosion proof enclosures are made from cast iron material to stand from hazardous impacts.

Normally this motor application used in highly flammable or hazardous area such as for oil & gas,petrochemical or chemical industry.

It is subject to regulations and standards set by regulatory agencies such as the National Electrical Code® and Underwriters Laboratories for XP motors used in the United States.


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