How to crimping a cable lug?

Before we perform the crimping job,we must provide the suitable tools.The tools such as Crimping tools,cable cutter and cable lugs.Please ensure a lugs size is fix with electric cable.We can refer to the tag on the lugs.

If you not sure or familiar with crimping tools and cable cutter,please refer to my post about crimping tools and cable cutter.I explain detail about it.Please used the tools can cause the injury if mistaken happen.SAFETY FIRST.

To do a perfect crimp of cable lugs is very important to ensure the fitting and installation job running smoothly.If the cable lug loose because the crimping process is not done properly, it will cause a cable is damaged or burnt.

 Cable lug crimping process

For more detail technique how to crimping the cable lug,please watch my video below :


  1. If you’re going ot write an article about using something as potentially dangerous as electricity, the least you can do is learn the language to avoid confusing the reader with statements like “a cable will be burn out or termination will defect”.

  2. Rather then be a prick and criticize this guy for trying to help people, maybe you should add something constructive to the conversation.

    Besides that, there is nothing dangerous about connecting a grounding lug to a grounding cable, genuis.

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