Drawing for electrical installation

For electrical installation,the main factor to completed the task with quality and in time,we must make sure the detail and comprehensive drawing are provided.

These drawing is important to show in clear view about position of electrical equipment,access for electrical cable,switch and socket location and others important item.

The drawings scale are based upon the architect’s site plan of the building completed with electrical symbol to identified the electrical equipment for the real site to show the actual placed for installation works.

Electrical symbol for drawing

For electrical drawing,commonly used by contractor for electrical industry is the British Standard EN 60617 for Graphical Symbols for Electrical Power, Telecommunications and Electronic Diagrams.

These electrical symbol is easy to understand without complex shape or symbol to avoid confusing and it effected the work installation progress.

Below are some electrical symbol that commonly used for electrical drawing.We can used from others symbol that suitable with our application and country code.The main purpose is to easier identified the electrical drawing for works installation.


These electrical symbol is different depend on country standard code and application.It not the big matter because the important thing is we can done our electrical installation works in proper manner and completed it with successful.

Here i attached one of electrical wiring diagram for example.These is called by layout drawing.From these we easier can do our jobs with actual location for all equipment installation and electrical wiring purpose.


I will explain detail about several types of drawing for electrical installation in my next post.We can discuss about as-fitted drawing,detail drawing,location drawing,distribution cable wiring,block diagram and more.


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