How to swaging cooper tubing?

Cooper tubing is common used for refrigerant and air-conditioning piping.It important to have a basic knowledge about swaging process to ensure our installation not facing any problem.

When we laying the cooper tubing for air-condition piping and facing the cooper length is not enough to completed the work.So we need to splice another cooper tubing.To splice the cooper tubing,we must use the swaging process.

This process make the cooper tubing diameter more bigger than original size.The reason is for splicing purpose.To join a cooper tubing together,we using the welding gases torch and cooper-nickel rod filler.This welding process we call it ” BRAZING “. read more

How to flare cooper tubing?

In the air-condition piping system,almost fitting for cooper piping using flare type.It very common used in this industry such as for car brake piping,fuel piping,cooling piping and transmission piping because it easy to fit and no need to welding the cooper pipe.No hot works needed and more safe in working condition.

To flare the cooper tube,we need the special tool for this job.It call the ” flaring tool “.This is mechanism to make a flare using the press force. read more