Benefits of power factor correction

Now around the world,hot topic is about energy saving and energy efficiency.The main item very popular for discussion is how to reduce electricity bills.

In industrial sector,the first step to reduce electricity bills is a power factor correction.This post i explain about the benefits of power factor correction for energy saving and efficiency.It also common practice for industrial.

I already discuss in my last post about power factor correction and capacitor sizing for power factor correction.If you understand the concept and how to calculated the capacitor sizing,you also can do it your self for power factor improvement. read more

Power Factor

For the simple and easy understanding,power factor is the Alternating current ( AC ) value of electrical efficiency.The ratio of true power flow into load of apparent power.Power Factor is the ratio of Working Power to Apparent Power.If equipment or machine running in maximum efficiency,we can save the electric cost and keep the long life span.

The range of power factor is between 0 and 1.Normally it state in percentage value e.g :  85 % pf.In power distribution,It in two condition of power factor,Leading or Lagging otherwise Inductive or Capacitive.They required the minimum level of power factor ( pf ) between 0.80 until 0.85 ( 80% – 85% ).If not they imposed surcharge to the owner of installation. read more