Star delta starter

This is a starting method that reduces the starting current and starting torque. Star delta starter design normally consists of three contactors, an overload relay and a timer for setting the time in the star-position (starting position).

For the star delta starter, a motor must be in delta connected during a normal run and the main purpose is to be able to use star delta starter.

Star delta starter received the starting current is about 30 % of the starting current during direct on line start and the starting torque is reduced to about 25 % of the torque available at a D.O.L start.

Star delta starter only works when the application is light loaded during the start. If the motor is too heavily loaded, there will not be enough torque to accelerate the motor up to speed before switching over to the delta position. read more

Calculation of motor capacity

Electric motor is the one of common device for rotating equipment and it’s useful for smooth operation and make our process more faster and¬†efficiency.

But we must remember,we should sizing the motor capacity properly and must suitable with load,system and application for our process.

We can connect the electric motor with several types of mechanical load with gearbox,pulley,timing chain and etc.Proper calculation is must to avoid overload,bearing damage and motor burn due to wrong estimation about load. read more