Eyes protection

Around the world,eyes injuries happened about 2500 case per day and 20% from that is permanent vision loss.So imagine how about our future life when we cannot see anymore due to not wear eyes protection.

According to the statistic,three main factor causes for the eyes injuries such as falling or flying objects,chemical splash and not used proper tools and equipment.

For electrical jobs,the hazard for eyes injuries such as arc flash,drilling jobs,grinding and many more.So we must used the proper and suitable eyes protection depend on our jobscopes. read more

Head protection

Employees shall wear non-conductive head protection wherever there is a danger of head injury from electric shock or burns due to an electrical explosion.

This time i want discuss about safety helmet or hard hat.This is very important PPE that we compulsory wearing when perform electrical job.

Safety helmet very important because it can protected we from serious head injury again mechanical impacts, falling objects, debris,electric shock and impact with other objects.

Hard hat colors can signify different roles on construction sites. For instance, white might signify supervisors or engineers, blue technical advisors, red safety inspectors, and yellow laborers. Read More