Fire Extinguisher

This device very important to extinguish or fight the small fire.It have a many type of agent to fight the fire and containing in pressure vessel.It easy to handling when fight the fire.

We can see the fire extinguisher around the factory,hospital,gas station or hazardous area.The main purpose is a first action to prevent the fire to be more worst.

This time i want shared about types of extinguisher and how to selected the suitable type according the working area.I hope it can be a basic reference to all of you.In the market now,it have two main type of fire extinguisher :-

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How to wiring a plug 13 ampere

Wiring for 13 amp plug top

A 3 pin plug used in most electrical appliances.It has a 13 ampere fuse is rated to protect electrical equipment from overload or short circuit.

This time I will show how to wiring a plug step by step:-

1) Open a cover using a Philips screwdriver.we can see the terminal block  inside a plug.

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Miniature Circuit Breaker

What is Miniature Circuit Breaker?

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker ( BS 3871 ) is a mechanical device operate automatic operation designed to connect and disconnect the electrical circuit in the ordinary and extraordinary situation.Suitable for AC and DC voltage.It mean main function is to protected equipment or circuit from overload and short circuit.

The size of MCB is small and usually use for household appliance and domestic.Average fix ampere rating from 6 Amp up to 125 Amp. It can be reset back to the normal condition after trip but cannot adjusted ampere rating.It can be found for single phase 1ø and three phase 3ø voltage power supply.

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