Escape and emergency lighting

In accordance with the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, BS EN 1838 : 1999 Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises must followed with minimum standards to achieve the safety target.

It is important matter for safety precaution when emergency happen such as fire,explosive,electrical disaster or etc.This system provide the solution for escape to the assembly point in safety and proper ways.

For each country it have their own Act,regulation and code of practice.Basically it quite similar and have additional items depend on their application and suitable with their country. read more

First aid kit

For electrical jobs,usually must have a first aid station near the working area.The first aid kit box must completed with first aid items and a latest  St. John Ambulance first aid manual.

This kit is very useful for first treatment when accident or injuries happent to avoid it can be more serious.It can save our life.So please make sure the first aid kit alway inspect and completed with necessary components.

The electrical group leader or supervisor must be competant person for emergency first aid certificate or equivalent. Minimum requirement of first aid station for electrical working area must contain :- read more