Electrical fire extinguisher

Fires as we known have a several class was identification with specific heat sources.For fire cause by electrical,it include in class C.So for electrical fire,we must used a suitable fire extinguisher to avoid serious damage or can cause others danger.

We cannot used fire extinguisher from water base because it can cause electric shock.Many case around the world happened when firefighter death and injury due to electrical shocked.

It also can cause a serious damage for electrical and electronic equipment nearest the fire incident happened if we used wrong or not suitable fire extinguisher such as water,dry powder,foam and others. read more

How to use a fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguisher is a one of important equipment when fire happen.We are going to panic and shock when faced the real fire.So the first important step,we must calm down and estimate the fire situation level.

If the fire still small and we confident to extinguish it,find the nearest location of fire extinguisher and try to eliminate the fire as fast as possible with the right technique.

This time i want share some tips or basic technique how to use fire extinguisher to fight the small fire.Please understand the types of fire extinguisher and the suitable agent for several types cause of fire.Please read my last post about fire extinguisher. read more

Fire Extinguisher

This device very important to extinguish or fight the small fire.It have a many type of agent to fight the fire and containing in pressure vessel.It easy to handling when fight the fire.

We can see the fire extinguisher around the factory,hospital,gas station or hazardous area.The main purpose is a first action to prevent the fire to be more worst.

This time i want shared about types of extinguisher and how to selected the suitable type according the working area.I hope it can be a basic reference to all of you.In the market now,it have two main type of fire extinguisher :-

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