How to change rotation for Star Delta Starter?

Electric motor have a two side of rotation.It is clockwise and anti clockwise or normally we call it forward and reverse rotation.An equipment or machinery that connected to electric motor have a rotation depend on manufacture design and application.

Common rotating equipment that we can found at our surrounding area such as pump,air-compressor,water jet and etc.Normally manufacture put a sign or arrow for rotation to avoid their equipment not install in proper way and can avoid serious damage or malfunction.

During installation and wiring termination,we must check and verify our rotation for equipment either it is forward or reverse rotation to avoid any problem or malfunction after completed installation works.

 Change motor rotation for Star Delta Starter

On my last post,i already discussed about Star Delta phase rotation for each phase ( red,yellow,blue).If you not read yet,please click on Star Delta motor connection and Star Delta Starter for further information.

For this post,i would like to share about how to change motor rotation for star delta starter?It look easy but it actually so tricky if we not understand a basic or star delta theory.

But don`t worried,I show to all of you the best way and simple technique how to change rotation for star delta starter?The important thing that we need to know is about common phase color for forward rotation is the Red,Yellow, Blue and for reverse rotation is the Blue,Yellow,Red.

Second thing that we must know is which area that we can change the phase sequence for motor rotation.It is at main contactor or delta contactor or from incoming power supply for star delta circuit?The answer is at the incoming of power supply for star delta circuit.


Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise rotation?

We can change the phase of power supply at incoming of main breaker for forward or reverse rotation that connected to main,star and delta contactor.The important key it is just switch only the phase between RED and BLUE.The yellow phase just remain in the middle position.

So that it the simple,easy and perfect way how to change rotation for Star Delta Starter.I hope it can help all of you when facing problem how to change motor rotation.


  1. James Bako says

    Articules are very informative, thanks. Tell me, how do we change the direction of single phase a.c. motors?

    • Hi James Bako, Ur welcome :D

      if it is a single phase ac motor with capacitor,change the two auxiliary winding connection for changing the direction of rotation.

  2. ok

  3. for confirmation,

    Is it ok to just change the 3 R S T lines between the D1 and D2? because on your previous article you are suggesting to change it there?

    Thank you.

  4. keshava prasada. b says

    Sir I want to know how to change the rotation of a star delta starter motor for both the direction. And it is from the motor side also

  5. amjad ali arrain says

    sir chani softstarter not work supply on error 16 display why sir

  6. jignesh says

    I want to rotate my submersibe pump anticlock wise. The starter have red and yellow wire phase and the blue wire no phase(or common). So which wire should exchange with whom?

  7. “It is just switch only the phase between RED and BLUE.The yellow phase just remain in the middle position.”
    Is it compulsory or easy solution??


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