What is multimeter?

What is a multimeter?

Multimeter is a compulsory measuring instrument that all maintenance person and electrical technician must have when perform electrical task.It is very useful device to ensure we get the true reading of measurement.

Why we need a true reading for measurement?From that we can determine the right root cause of equipment and can rectify the problem without any mistake.This device have a multifunction  to measure.I explain detail about multifunction of this instrument and how to use it.


In the field of electrical and troubleshooting tasks, multimeter is the best equipment available when required to do any work with this tool, we can determine the actual value such as :-

  • voltage ( AC/DC )
  • millivolt ( AC / DC )
  • resistance
  • capacitance
  • diode
  • ampere ( AC / DC )
  • continuity
  • frequency
  • temperature

For example if we want to ensure power supply is adequate or not, we can only know the exact value of the voltage using the multimeter.If we only use test pen or volt stick, we can not assess the actual voltage because this tool only have indicator like buzzer or LED light

From my experience of troubleshooting, was once a press machine is not working, then I only have test pen, having examined the three phase power supply, test pen indicator shows the voltage, but when I try to switch on the machine, they are not working.

I decided to check the total voltage using multimeter .. What I found is the reading of the voltage between phases to phase is not enough, the normal voltage is 415 VAC, but reading from multimeter only 120 VAC …What I learned from the incident, the multimeter is the ultimate tool for electrical work .Now Multimeter always in my tools box… :D

My favorite brand for multimeter is a FLUKE.I already have a FLUKE 115 multimeter like the picture above.For more information on brands, please visit FLUKE WEBSITE

In my next post, i will explain detail about ” HOW TO USE A MULTIMETER“….

Or you can watching my VIDEO about : HOW TO USE MULTIMETER for more understanding about multimeter function.

Leave your comments or ideas about this topic … I hope I can help some to understand the basic of multimeter function  through my blog and we can share the knowledge..


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