VDE Screwdriver for terminal

For electrical termination,the tightness of terminal screw important to avoid sparking and can burn out the electrical cable.It also can cause serious damage for equipment or machine.

That why manufacture design the special terminal screw head for more torque when fastening the screw.We can found terminal screw used in switch board,circuit breaker,fuse box,terminal block and relay.

The special design for screw head is combination profile from Phillips and slotted or Pozidriv and slotted.This combination very unique because it can reduce slipping and more torque transfer when we fasten the terminal screw.

Why terminal screwdriver important?

To all electrician or maintenance persons,i recommended you must have a set of terminal  screwdriver because it will make our termination work more safely and perfectly.

This screwdriver also design with protective insulation for work with live part up to 1000VAC.But my advise is please take a serious precaution and follow safety regulation to prevent electric shock.

In market now,we can choose many variety of  good brand for terminal screwdriver such as Wera,Bahco,Facom,Hazet,Felo and many more.


WIHA SoftFinish Electric Xeno

This time i like to share my review about WIHA softfinish electric Xeno.This screwdriver design is special for terminal screw.

WIHA is the one of my favorite brand for screwdriver.From my experience,im very satisfied about WIHA tip design and durability.It heavy duty and made from high quality material.

WIHA also have a new design for SLIM Technology,it reduce 30% of diameter in the critical working area
allows effortless access to low-lying fastening or spring elements.

WIHA SoftFinish Electric Xeno have 2 types of screw head.Please refer attachment below for more detail :


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