Distribution substations

For electrical power distribution,substation is the one important component to serve,distributing and regulated an electricity to building,factory or private living area.

Normally substations have the several required equipment such as power transformers and the voltage-regulating device for converting the high incoming sub-transmission voltages to low voltage primary system and ensure it in specified voltage tolerances.

The others basic equipment in substations includes circuit breakers, switches, bus bars, shunt coil reactor, power factor correction capacitors, lightning arresters,cooling and ventilation system, instrumentation, control devices, and other protective apparatus related to the specific functions in the power station.

What is distribution substations?

As we known,the circuit breakers and other switching equipment in a substation can be organized to separate a bus, part of a transformer, or a control device from other equipment.It depend on our arrangement and it meet the standard requirement for substation installation guideline.

Those voltages form transmission line, typically 11 to 15 kV, are then sent to distribution transformers and load substations for serving regional and local customers depend on their requirement.

Substations serve many purposes, including connecting generators, transmission or distribution lines, and loads to each other and generally stepping higher voltages down to lower voltages to meet specific customer requirements.

They can also interconnect and switch alternative sources of power and control system voltage and power flow.Power factor can be corrected and over voltage can be regulated by substations.

Distribution substation is the key or major power source for building or factory.All electricity power came from substation.We must ensure all equipment running in good condition and done all maintenance and servicing in schedule to avoid any breakdown or power failure.

Please ensure all person that works on substation area is an electrical competent person and they have a knowledge and experience  in substation because it full of danger and involve with high tension (HT) voltage.Please consult your local electrical contractor to do works or services if u not have knowledge or competent person.

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