Troubleshooting Technique part 1

To perform a troubleshooting tasks,firstly we must properly an understanding of problem solving and the overall concept of troubleshooting and repairing.It have a step by step technique or method to make a troubleshooting tasks more effective and achieve the target.

From my experience i made an observation about troubleshooting skills at my work placed and i recognized the several mistake done when perform the task.The major mistake always happen is a troubleshooter not analysis or find the root cause of a defect.

For example,when they found the machine cannot operated due to main fuse was blown,they only just change the fuse.They not make a analysis why the fuse is blown.Many reason or cause can make the fuse blown such as overload,short circuit or others.If we found the root cause,we can settle the problem without waste a time and expense for unnecessary matter.

When i perform the troubleshooting task,i follow the simple technique to success for my tasks.I think all troubleshooters around the world practice same technique like me.I want share my technique to all of you.

Ok…basically it have a three ( 3 ) major step or phases to ensure we done the troubleshooting task perfectly and is situation analysis,problem solving and decision making.

Troubleshooting definition

Situation analysis

This is the first action we must do when perform the tasks.It involves a critical scrutiny and analysis of a problem situation.We can get the first picture or expression about the overall of problem.It mean the troubleshooter can gain insight into an unacceptable condition and determine whether a problem even exists.

We need to collect as many as possible of data to make a perfect analysis.We can make a interview,observation and asking question such as :-

  • Discuss and write down the problem or defect with the operator or who responsible to handle the equipment or machine.
  • Get the detail situation before and after the problem of machine is arise.
  • Make a comparison the problem with others from your past experiences or similar problem.
  • Identify the existing state of operation with the desired state.
  • Make an overall observation of symptoms,situation and relevant changes.

From this,we can make a analysis report for our next step.It is the problem solving.We used the result and data from our analysis to solving the problem.I discuss detail about problem solving step in my post on troubleshooting technique part 2.

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