Fire Extinguisher

This device very important to extinguish or fight the small fire.It have a many type of agent to fight the fire and containing in pressure vessel.It easy to handling when fight the fire.

We can see the fire extinguisher around the factory,hospital,gas station or hazardous area.The main purpose is a first action to prevent the fire to be more worst.

This time i want shared about types of extinguisher and how to selected the suitable type according the working area.I hope it can be a basic reference to all of you.In the market now,it have two main type of fire extinguisher :-

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Head protection

Employees shall wear non-conductive head protection wherever there is a danger of head injury from electric shock or burns due to an electrical explosion.

This time i want discuss about safety helmet or hard hat.This is very important PPE that we compulsory wearing when perform electrical job.

Safety helmet very important because it can protected we from serious head injury again mechanical impacts, falling objects, debris,electric shock and impact with other objects.

Hard hat colors can signify different roles on construction sites. For instance, white might signify supervisors or engineers, blue technical advisors, red safety inspectors, and yellow laborers. Read More

Foot Protection

Employees working in areas where there are electrical hazards shall be provided with, and shall use, protective equipment that is designed and constructed for the specific part of the body to be protected and for the work to be performed.

For electrical or maintenance persons,safety shoes is the one of important PPE ( personal protective equipment ) to avoid from serious injury such as electric shock.Please ensure our safety shoes suitable with electrical works because not all safety shoes have a ELECTRICAL HAZARD PROTECTION ( EH ).

Where insulated safety shoes is used as protection against step and touch potential, dielectric overshoes shall be required.It also protect from impact, compression, and puncture are the most common types of foot injury. read more

Electrical Work Practices

Working On or Near Electrical Conductors or Circuit Parts

Safety-related work practices shall be used to safeguard employees from injury while they are working on or near exposed electric conductors or circuit parts that are or can become energized.

The specific safety-related work practice shall be consistent with the nature and extent of the associated electric hazards.

Live parts to which an employee might be exposed shall be put into an electrically safe work condition before an employee works on or near them, unless the employer can demonstrate that de-energizing introduces additional or increased hazards or is infeasible due to equipment design or operational limitation.

An electrically safe work condition shall be achieved when performed in accordance with the procedures and verified by the following process:- read more

Electric shock first aid

How much current quantity to our body can stand?

To answer this question,we back to OHMS LAW of electrical resistance.In a case of a shock ,the amount of current through the body is determined by the following formula :-

I = V / R

I = Current

V = Voltage

R = Resistance of the body

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How to prevent electric shock?


If you dealing with electricity should be equally safe,whether you`re installing a new circuit or screwing in a light bulb.Electricity is always is seeking an easy  way to travel.Sticking your finger,screwdriver or car key to light socket this charged particle with an alternative path to moving along a wire.

For now you`ll need to keep a few rules in mind when dealing with your electrical system :-

  • Don`t handle anything electrical if you`re wet  or are standing on a wet surface.
  • Never overload the circuit beyond its capacity
  • Extension cord are for temporary use only
  • Never start an electrical repair or additional until you`re sure how to do the job correctly
  • Switch off the main power supply and put a signage `DO NOT SWITCH ON ‘
  • When a problem beyond your expertise,call a licensed electrician

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Electric Shock

What is an Electric Shock?

Electrical energy source of the most widely used around the world whether for home or industrial use.It is efficient,clean,relatively inexpensive and safe to use when adequate precaution are taken.when precaution are not taken,however electricity is a killer.Around the world each year on cough caused by electric shock.

The photos below show examples of injuries caused by electric shock :-


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