Safety signs

Every person who involved or worked at factory or plant very regular with safety sign.It are displayed around the working area to inform workers of the regulation and rules when working in hazardous area.

Safety sign also educated the workers how to perform the task in safety condition.It also gave a big impact to workers to always follow safety rules and can reduce incident at working area.

For the new workers and not familiar with real working condition,safety sign is the main guidance to do the jobs in proper and safety condition.So i hope with my post can expose the basic of safety sign meaning and purpose at our working area.

Types of safety sign

Usually they are four types of safety sign commonly we can found display at around working area.It depend onĀ hazardousĀ area or types of hazard :-


1) Warning sign

Meaning of this sign is to aware and warning workers about hazard at that area.This sign have a triangular yellow signs with a black border and hazard simbol at the middle.You can see the several example of warning sign below :-


2) Advisory sign

The meaning of advisory sign is for safe condition information about that working area.The signs are square or rectangular shape with green color signs and a white symbol.

Example for advisory sign such as EXIT way,first aid station,drinking water,etc.



3) Mandatory sign

When we saw this symbol,that mean we must be obeyed the instruction from that mandatory sign.The meaning is we compulsory to follow all instruction shown at the sign.

Example of mandatory sign such as wearing safety boot,safety glass @ goggle,face sheild,respirator and many more.

The area with mandatory sign usually is the hazardous area that required specific PPE (personal protective equipment) we must wear before enter that area or perform the tasks.


4) Prohibition sign

The meaning of prohibition sign is indicate an activity which must not be carried out on that working area.We must obey the instruction to ensure we perform in safety condition.

It will cause the serious injury or can be death if not follow the prohibition sign.Normally this sign have a circular white signs with a red border and red cross bar.

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