How to install lug for electric cable?

Cable termination is important when we install equipment,machine,induction motor,power supply distribution and many more.We use a cable lug to connect the electrical cable with terminal or busbar.

The right method to install cable lug is important to ensure the termination is perfect and tight to avoid sparking.It can cause the damage of cable or the equipment.This time i want share some information about how to install a lug for 240mm electric cable.

Please use the suitable crimping tools and correct cable lug  according electrical cable size.If not the crimping process will not perfect and it can cause a serious damage.Following video is one of example how to crimping cable lug for 240mm cable.

 Cable Lug installation

How to install lug for 240 mm electric cable?



  1. Is there any crimping tool with torque measuring facilitities.Also we need a chart/table indicating torque required for different kinds of lugs/cables.

  2. Is there any chart or table giving torque required for crimping different kinds/sizes of cables/lugs?. Is there any crimping tool with
    torque indicators?.

  3. haitham hashim says

    This beautiful and important topic buy these tools,thanks

  4. haitham hashim says

    What is your experience the best tools to work

  5. sathish says

    In this video not apply the corrosion gel is it correct, If AL cable we used CU Lug what is the defect in this. we facing more problem in this issue.

  6. Gajendra Tiwari says

    if 300 sqmm copper lugs are crimping with 300 sqmm aluminium cable, is it right or wrong???? give me your answer with valid point plzz

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