Cable lug

This device is very common used for connecting cable to the electrical installation such as power distributor,instrument,automation,motor control and etc.

It is designed for easy install and remove for repairing or maintenance jobs.It also can avoid a cable broken or burn due to sparky if cable connection not tight.

Now in market it have many different types of cable lugs depend on our application and type of equipment.This time i want discuss about familiar types of cable lug for power termination,wiring for automation,motor control and consumer wiring.



Type of cable lugs

1) Insulated lug terminal

Application : For wiring PLC,automation and instrument,control panel and etc.

– It have many shapes of terminal such as :

a) Pin terminal

b) Blade terminal

c) Hocked terminal

d) Ring terminal

e) Fork terminal

f) Male disconnect terminal

g) Female disconnect terminal

2) Butt and Parallel connector

Application : For 2 cables connection and termination.

a) PVC insulated

b) Butt type

c) Heat shrinkable

d) Closed end type


3) Cooper tube crimping lugs

Application : Power distributor termination for low voltage cable to this device such asĀ  MCCB,ACB,OCB,VCB,busbar and capacitor bank.

* this lug need a special tool for crimping it with cable.

4) Through connector

Application : For jointing a low voltage cable.It must use a special tool for crimping it.

All of this cable lugs types are common used in electrical wiring.For safety,long span of electrical equipment and keep conductor in good condition,we must to used cable lug for the application termination.


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