Bathroom wiring regulations

When we planning to wiring the bathroom,we must consider the several electrical wiring regulation are specified.In this room almost in wet condition can cause the electric shock if we not proper design according the regulations.

Basically bathroom containing a fixed bath tub,shower basin,sink ,etc.So with additional regulations,it can reduce the chance of electric shock due to wet condition.

Here i explain about some additional regulations used for wiring the bathroom.I hope i can be a guideline when we want install or design electrical wiring.

Bathroom wiring regulations

  • Not allowed to installed socket outlets.
  • No provision is made for connection of portable appliances.
  • Installed only shaver sockets which comply with BS EN 61184 or BS EN 60238, or water proof.
  • Installed only switch that must be inaccessible to anyone when using a bathroom unless it is the cord-operated type.
  • There are restrictions for electrical appliances,circuit breaker and wiring accessories may be installed according to zone risk level. ( refer attachment below )
  • A additional earthed bonding conductor must be added to the main equipotential bonding.


Zones for Bath and Shower Rooms



Locations that contain a bath or shower are divided in zones or separate areas as shown above :-

Zone 0 : The most high risk zone for electric shock.

Zone 1 : The high risk zone in which people in wet condition.

Zone 2 : The high risk zone also which somebody might be direct contact with water.

Zone 3 : The low risk zone which are least in contact with water but are still have a potential for electric shock.


Electrical equipment and accessories are restricted within the zones:

Zone 0 :  This zone is the most high risk zone for all electrical wiring practical purposes.No electrical equipment can be installed in this zone.

However, the Regulations permit that where SELV fixed equipment cannot be located elsewhere, it may be installed in this zone.

Zone 1 : Water heaters, shower pumps and SELV fixed equipment

Zone 2 : Lighting, exhaust fans and heating appliances and equipment from Zone 1 plus water proof shaver units

Zone 3 : Allowed to  installed a fixed appliances plus the equipment from Zones 1 and 2

Outside Zones : Allowed to install the  appliances plus accessories EXCEPT  socket outlets.

Please consider :-

If under floor heating equipment  is installed in the bathroom, it must have an earthed metallic grid covered overall or the heating cable must have an earthed system to the supplementary bonded.


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