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Why current rating value is so important for cable/wire sizing?This time i want share some information about cable rating.It look like simple value but it give the big impact when we not do the proper sizing to the cable for our application.

If during cable sizing calculation not done in proper way,it can cause a serious damage for electric cable,equipment and human.It also can cause the waste of money when it over sizing and increase the budget for reworks.

That it current rating play a important role during cable sizing for electrical wiring job scopes.We can choose the right cable size,suitable types of cable for electrical application,voltage drop value,wiring method and conductor ambient temperature.

We need to know the current capacity or rating to get the best sizing for cable that be use for our wiring application.This is important value and it must always in our laptop or notebook for accurate current rating references.

Current Rating for cable sizing

Where we can get the table for cable Current Rating?

Normally current rating table is provided by cable manufactures around the world.Their have own specification and current value depend on cable types and application.

But don’t worried…I shared the completed cable current rating table for references.This table completed with cable size in metric,operating temperature,wiring method,voltage drop and types of cable and number of cores.

I hope it useful and help all of you when perform cable sizing.I includes current rating table for General wiring cables,flexible cable and cords.XLPE armoured cables,Mineral insulated cables,Firetec fire performance cables and Protec cables.


Example :




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  1. thanks for the list. I am playing in Car Audio System, and choosing cable is very critical. cable resistance very influence here, because can reduce the power receive by speaker.

  2. hear is some problem to can get cable size value.please
    explain this

  3. rakesh jha says

    thank u sir i have got more about knowledge electrical .

  4. I am a ele.engg. pl.give me a cable size & current rating charts.

  5. wilson says

    sir, Ihave one job.440 v 3ph motor. flc 48 A. lenth of cable 400 meter. WITCH SIZE CABLE SUTABLE

  6. Well ,I found my Customer Drawings show the cable size included 3 parts’
    My question is what is ECC meaning?

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