Criteria for cable design

Cable is a important thing in electrical engineering to transfer the power supply from distribution to end user or equipment.It must have a quality and durability to ensure it can stand for any condition and long life span.

Day by day,manufacture made the research and development to improved quality and design of cable suitable with new technology and different surrounding area.It also improved for more efficiency,low cost,heavy duty and environment friendly.

To make a proper design for electric cable,the major criteria to get electrical cable be the good design and high quality are 4 items following :

What is major criteria for proper electrical cable design?

1) Conductor

2) Insulation

3) Armouring

4) Sheathing


Below is my detail explanation about electrical cable aspect and criteria :-

1) Conductor

For electrical cable,the main point is a conductor.It represent the quality,capability and reliability of cable.The types of material,the size of conductor strands,quantity of strands effected to the capability of cable.

The shape and strands gap for cable also the important aspect that we must consider.Why it so important?When the conductor shape not in proper condition and have a gap between the strand,it will make the resistance increase and cause cable failure or damage after several time period.

Compaction of cable structure can cause the high resistance and bad design of conductor will cause the transmission loss and failure due to sharp edge of conductor.From the research the percentage is around 3% until 9% for conductor failure.


2) Insulation

This part is important for safety of cable condition.It prevent from electric shock and short circuit when transfer the power supply.The good insulation should have :-

  •  High insulation resistance
  •  Good mechanical types
  •  High dielectric strength
  •  Should non Hygroscopic
  • High resistance from chemical
  • Elastic and tenacity

The insulation Thickness & Eccentricity made the cable from increase in charging current and reduce the voltage drop problem.If dielectric is not in proper condition, it can make the cable capacitance level is increase and conductor will get higher temperature.

Material for insulation also main factor for insulation quality.Many types of material are used for electric cable insulation.R&D made by manufacture to get the better quality and performance for their product.


3) Armoring

This part is mechanical protection for cable.The main purpose is to make the cable heavy duty and can resist any outdoor condition and location such as underground,weather and others impacts.

The important feature for armour design is to provide effective conductance of earth fault current. The number of armour wire must be in minimum quantity when designing it to avoid short circuit current capacity reduce and make cable high resistance.

From the actual working condition,armored cable can prevent 80% of mechanical impacts and damage especially from sharp edge.


4) Sheathing

This part is out layer of cable.Normally it made from PVC material to protected overall of cable.On this layer manufacture can print their company name,types of cable,capacity of cable and another information to make users more easier to choose and recognize the cable.


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    Thank you for a good topic. couyld you please provide the current carrying capacities of XLPE/SWA/PVC copper cables and voltage drop

    aladin vayani

    • Ur welcome,i will discuss in my next post about current capacity and voltage drop and provide the completed table.Thanks for visit my blog :D

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