What is Electric?

Electrical definition.

WHAT IS ELECTRIC ? This is a question often asked by people around the world for those who wish to enter the electrical field, they should understand basic electricity.It is very important because electricity can not be seen with the naked eye.we only know about the theory of electricity. in the field of electrical “knowledge is power ” to ensure that we and electrical equipment in a secure and functioning well.We must have a strong basic of electrical..

Ok…here from my simple understanding,Basic of Electric is a electron ( negative charge ) always around a proton (positive charge) and neutron caused by the force of attraction between protons and electrons

The important point that we must understand is about the four( 4 ) basic element in electrical :-

1.  VOLTAGE ( V )

  • Voltage is pressure
  • It is force which moves electrons in the conductor
  • Also known as electromotive force ( EMF )
  • The unit for voltage is volt ( V )
  • To measure the voltage, we use the volt meter

2.  CURRENT ( I )

  • current is the amount or rate of movement of electrons in a circuit in one second
  • current will be high when a high voltage or vice versa
  • The unit for current is ampere ( I )
  • To measure the current, we use the ammeter


  • It is to reduce or stop the flow of electrons
  • It is against the current flow
  • when resistance is high, it will reduce the flow of electrons and vice versa
  • The unit for resistance is ohm ( Ω )
  • To measure the resistance, we use the ohmmeter

4.   POWER ( P )

  • is the rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form, such as motion, heat, or an electromagnet field.
  • the capacity to bring about change
  • The unit for power is watt ( w )
  • To measure the power, we use the watt meter

Why this four (4) elements is very important???

Ok… I will discuss more,start from this four ( 4 )  item,it becomes the theory of :

OHM LAW ( V= I x R) or ( P = I x V )

This is the basic formula that we must be known because it is key in understanding the concept of the actual electricity..

From OHM LAW we can generate more formula.Please refer for OHM FORMULA WHEEL below :

Ohm.s formula wheel

I will explain further about ohm law in my next post … Leave your comments on this topic …I hope I can help some to understand the principles of electricity through my blog and we can share the knowledge..



  1. Simple and Clear, But I want to learn more and more, a lot…
    Where can I go after this?
    Thanks for feeding me some knowledge of electirc!!!

    • Hello brian,thanks for visit my blog…i will put more about basic electrical in my next post…so stay visit my blog and enjoy your learning :D you also can subscribe my RSS feed.it will send to your email every time i update my post :D

  2. Vores løsninger giver store muligheder for besparelser på jeres elregning. Hvis du vil have en indikation på, hvor stor jeres energibesparelse kan blive, så udfyld vores online beregningsskema og få et hurtigt

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