UPS battery charger

When indicator for batteries level shown a it  need to recharge,We must charge the batteries to ensure it in full capacity and can operate during power failure.But for UPS batteries charger it typically build in the UPS system.

Now in market,it have several battery charger technology for AC and DC UPS.Basically it similar with car battery charger.The method and technique similar with conventional charger.

Manufacture always improved and made R&D to created battery charger more efficient,safety and durability for user.They design with electronic device for more accurate and faster charging system. The advanced technology usually design for batteries charger included with several items below :-


  • Controller for current and voltage versus time charging characteristics.
  • Electronic protection to avoid overloads and short circuits.
  • Low maintenance and supervision.
  • Design with automatic duty-standby change over facility


Battery charger basic operation

Normally chargers operation used fast acting technique.It also attach with accurate electronic devices to control output characteristics.

The rectifying device (diodes or thyristors) is usually design for single phase units.It also available for three-phase unit and it normally used for larger units. The basic power supply for rectifying come from transformer unit.

The output from the rectifier device is through a current detection circuit  and it continue for a smoothing reactor or choke process.After that,the output are fed back to a control panel which produces the desired current and voltage characteristics.

The control panel also completed attached with over current and over voltage protection to prevent the battery not damaged during abnormal conditions. Some loads cannot tolerate over voltages, not even for a short time.

I will discuss detail about UPS battery charging rates in my next post.The main point i will explain are the basic method of charging battery depends upon the type of cell  lead-acid (Pb) or nickel cadmium (NiCd).


  1. haitham hashim says

    Time it takes to charge the battery if possible, without tiring you with Hi, I hope that you do not forget,thanks

  2. Are surge protectors included in all UPS by regulations?.

    • we can choose to install surge protection device separated with ups system or already build in.For separated surge protection,we can install it at the main panel, will help protect all equipment downstream versus the unit installed within a regulator (UPS).

  3. neelappa says

    Let me know where which RCCB need to be used

    eg. 30mA

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