Electrostatic level and prevention action

Electrostatic level is a sudden electric current flow from one material to another material.If we remember how to generated electro static using rod plastic and cloth on science lab class.

Theoretically  a voltage level for ESD can damage for any electronic component is around 100-500 Volt.For the very sensitive electronic components,normally it only can withstand around 25-170 Volt.

How we can known the Electrostatic damage (ESD) phenomena?Normally we possibility can hear a ”click” sound when touching an object or equipment.From the research possibility voltage generate for the “click” sound is at least 3.5 kV.

Electrostatic voltage levels

If we can see a spark when touching the object,maybe the voltage value around 10.Below i listed some values are given for typical Electrostatic charge:

  •  Walking on a wall-to-wall carpet: 10 – 20 kV
  • Walking on a plastic floor (PVC): 2 – 5 kV
  • Walking on an anti-static floor: 0 – 2 kV
  • Lifting paper from a table: 5 – 35 kV
  • Rising from a chair: 10 -25 kV


Protection against Electricstatic (ESD) damages

To ensure our electronic equipment or machine not damage / defect cause by electro static discharge,we must take a necessary action to reduce the possibility.Take a serious note when perform services or troubleshooting for electronic component such as printed circuit board,control panel,VSD or softstarter.

Following item is several actions to prevent damages from electrostatic discharge:

  •  Avoid charge if possible
  •  Use a wrist strap or similar connected to ground potential when working with electrical components
  •  Used the right type of package (ESD protected bags, etc.)
  •  Ensure all connection machines and apparatus to ground potential ( Earthing )
  •  Set in  High humidity level
  •  Use a Anti static protection or hand tools

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