Electrostatic Discharge

As we known,equipment or machinery for home or industrial applications controlled by electronic circuit board.With intelligent technology,it can control many function with more sophisticated application to make our jobs and living style more easier and accurate.

But it have a disadvantage for the electronic latest technology.The main problem is Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).Today around the world users facing this problem and the figure is increasing day by day.

From the research information,the main source of the electrostatic discharge came from the wrong handling of electronic components,Integrated circuit,solid state circuit and printed circuit,etc.

What is Electrostatic Discharge / ESD ?

The statistic shown the root cause of damage by ESD due to has been exposed to a too high voltage level and electronic components are much more sensitive depending on integration.

Also the insulation and conductor distances are decreased.It mean the safety reliability will be at a minimum level. Basically a value of 0.002 mm is common inĀ modern integrated circuits.

Here i want shared some information about how Electrostatic charge can generated? Basically it can beĀ  in three different ways:

  • By rubbing of two surfaces to each other,it can created ESD.
  • When we separated of two surfaces from each other.
  • It also from induction process by static electricity without any contact of the material.


The damages from electrostatic discharge we can categories in two type of faults and different circuits following :-

1) Direct Fault

This fault is easy to identify since the component will not work at all and this is very often finding at the production line during Quality control checking.

2) Latent defect

This defect is very difficult to identify since the component is not working in a reliable way and the life length of the device may be reduced dramatically.


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