Electrical installation

When we want to setup the new building or electrical application,it must have connection with electricity.So we need the electrical installation to make our application function properly and safety for human and equipment.

Theoretically electrical installation is a variation of electrical devices installed to achieve  specific purpose for any application.The key point that we must alert when dealing with the electrical installation is to take care necessary to ensure the safety of personnel and the protection of equipment from electrical faults.

So electrical installation is important subject that we must consider and get a clear view to avoid any injuries or damage for human or equipment.I want shared some information about electrical installation.

Introduction for Electrical Installation

First let we discuss about the most common types of faults in domestic systems.From this we can known the root cause and how to handle the fault with correct way and can avoid any damage or injuries.

1) The short circuit faults

– This fault can cause the large currents flow and defected to electrical cable, insulators,motor,switches and etc due to over heating.

2) Insulation failure of an electrical equipment

– This fault can cause the high voltages may floating on the frames or body of equipment and may cause a electric shock and short circuit.


Before we perform any electrical installation,several criteria must be consider to avoid any mistake that may cause the serious damage or injuries.For the electrical wiring systems and all electrical apparatus associated with wiring must be protected to:

  •  Prevent damage or failure by fire or electrical shock
  •  Able to maintain continuity of the supply
  •  Disconnect faulty device from the remainder of the electrical system
  •  It must able to prevent damage to wiring circuit and equipment
  •  Can minimize the system interruptions under fault conditions.

All the Protection must be provided to control and protect from excess currents and earth leakage.The protective equipment must capable with following items :

  •  Certainty and reliability of operation under fault conditions and non-operation under normal conditions.
  •  Discrimination method
  •  Rapidity of operation
  •  Effective, low maintenance cost
  •  Easy for calibration,adjustment and testing.

I already discuss about protection device in my last post.Here i explain with the simple way about the most popular methods of protection below :

  •  Earthing or grounding of equipment
  •  Use of fuses or circuit breakers (MCB,MCCB,VCB,ACB,HRC)
  •  Use of residual current circuit breakers ( RCCB ).


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