Direct Current ( DC )

What is a direct current (DC) ?

Direct current (DC) is an electric current that flows continuously in one direction only. This is the type of electrical current is supplied if the voltaic cell. As long as the polarity of the voltage at the bases voltaic cell is fixed and does not reverse, the voltaic cell can be referred to as a source of direct voltage

Sources of Direct Current

1) Battery

a source of direct current which is designed to produce output voltage and maximum output current of a certain.

2) Solar

is a source of direct current in which the rays of the sun can produce electricity

3) DC rectifier

is a device to convert from alternating current to direct current consistently

Circuit Connection

1) Series

In order of series,
The total sum of the output voltage = voltage of the cell

Current Output

In the current (I) the product flow in each cell are the same.

Total resistance = sum of the individual resistance of the cell

2) Parallel

In the parallel arrangement, Output voltage is the same.

Current output = sum of currents of each cell

Total resistance

3) Series-parallel

Base Voltage

Current Output

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