Capacitor Start Motor

Capacitor start motor is common used in domestic and industrial application for air-condition,blower fan,vacuum cleaner,water pump and many more.

Basic operation for the motor capacitor start is during starting,capacitor will create the wave of current to one or more winding for motor that need to generate rotating electromagnet to turn the stator of motor.

It’s has a primary and an additional winding ┬áconnected with starting capacitor.It’s connected to a series of capacitors and centrifugal switches.

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AC Motor Nameplate

Motor name plate is the introduction or certificate for an electric induction motor.We can know in detail about an electric motor with refer to the nameplate.It same like our identification card or passport.All detail information about that electric motor we can get from this nameplate.

These parameters are then print onto the motor nameplate,it state a basic definition of what motor have received.Manufacturers often include additional information to further define a key motor features.

From motor name plate we can determine many things.All information is very useful when we perform installation,power supply termination,troubleshooting and repairing jobs. read more