Single phase capacitor

Firstly let me describe about what is capacitor?This device is very common used in electronic and electric application.The main function is to stored and release electricity charge.

It charge and release depend on frequency ( Hz ) of our power supply.Normally around 50 until 60 times per second in alternating current system.

The construction of capacitor basically made from wound layers of metalized polypropylene (dielectric).The element is sealing in a plastic can with a suitable sealing material.

We can see a two metal plates insulated from each others.For oil filled type,it use a PCB`s as a coolant agent,but now almost capacitor is dry type. read more

Motor Capacitor Run

Motor capacitor run basic operation is same with motor capacitor start that use a capacitor to generate the current pulse and create the electromagnetic field for the winding to push a rotor to turn around.

Normally capacitor for this motor made from polypropylene film capacitors  material and it can running continuous without any problem.Run capacitor rated from 2 μf until 100 μf with nominal single phase voltage 110 VAC,240 VAC and 440 VAC.

If we installed the capacitor with wrong wiring termination,it’s can’t generated the electromagnetic field and motor not running.We can recognize this symptom if motor create a noising sound and it’s can make a motor drop the performance and more serious can cause the winding damage.   read more