Automatic voltage regulator for generator

The AVR ( automatic voltage regulator ) is suitable for supplying power to the fields of either brushless or commutator type exciters and will maintain the A.C generator voltage within plus and minus 1% of the preset value with paralleling.

When the load varies between no load and rated load and with a frequency changes more than plus minus 4%.Upon application or rejection of rated load,the generator voltage recovers to plus and minus 1% within 0.3 second on most AVR exciter in A.C generator combination. read more

Direct Current ( DC )

What is a direct current (DC) ?

Direct current (DC) is an electric current that flows continuously in one direction only. This is the type of electrical current is supplied if the voltaic cell. As long as the polarity of the voltage at the bases voltaic cell is fixed and does not reverse, the voltaic cell can be referred to as a source of direct voltage

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