How to select the best location for install split unit air-conditioner?

When we plan to install air-conditioner unit in our home or resident,the first thing we must sizing the air-condition ( Horse power ) suitable with our space need and the air-conditioner types such split unit types.

For split unit types,it have a several design for our choice likes Wall type,Ceiling enclosed types,Ceiling exposes,Cassette type and Duct types.This types is deference design to suit with our application and room size.

This time i want share some tips how to select the best location for split unit type air-conditioner.It important to ensure our installation perfect and the system can operated in full cooling capacity. read more

Vacuum method for air-conditioner

When install new air-conditioner or replaced new compressor or change new expansion valve,we need to evacuation or vacuum process.This is important to ensure no air inside the piping system.For easy understanding,this process is to vacuum the system to take out the air and moisture.

If air remain in the air-conditioner and refrigerant piping,it will affect the compressor performance,reduce the cooling capacity,clogged the cycle of refrigerant and could lead a malfunction.

This procedure very important to make sure air-conditioner running properly and can use for long period without breakdown.All maintenance person or electrical technician must know how to perform evacuation procedure. read more

Air-conditioner services

To ensure our air-conditioner running in good condition, we must perform periodical services at least  every 6 months.Why we must care and cleaning our air-conditioner?

The main cause when our air-condition have a low performance came from dust filter is dirty,it will cause a low cooling capacity,increase electricity cost,unpleasant smell and purified air to our room.

The unit will become to dirty and the cooling capacity decrease after being used in several seasons.So we need to perform cleaning regularly to ensure it in good condition.It very easy to do it your self.

This time i share the simple method for cleaning our split unit air-conditioner.Please switch off the power supply before perform cleaning task to avoid electric shock. read more

Split Phase Motor

It is a single phase motors are widely used in electrical appliances such as washing machines, some compressors,vacuum cleaner, table drill, pump, etc.

Why it become a common use? because it has advantages :

  • Good Starting Torque
  • Moderate Efficiency
  • Moderate Cost

it usually has a power rating from 1/20th to ¾ Hp, available to 1.5 Hp

Split phase motor has a primary winding (movement) and the additional windings (starting).

Split phase Motor Operation

  • For the purpose of starting the motor, all the main and additional windings connected in parallel across the line.
  • Starting winding in parallel with Running winding

  • Centrifugal switch mounted in series with the additional windings to be open when the motor reaches a speed of 70% synchronous speed.
  • In the stationary motor, all the windings are used to develop starting torque, but when they reach 70% of the primary speed able to accommodate the resulting torque.

  • Type of Centrifugal Switch
    – Sticks Open
    – Sticks Shut

How to charge air-condition refrigerant R22 ?

Charging refrigerant for Air-Condition

This time i`m show in my video,How to charge or refill air-condition refrigerant R22.

The tools you must have :-

  • Manifold gauge
  • R22 Gas
  • Adjustable wrench

Please watch my video.It very easy to do it our self.The important thing is SAFETY FIRST.Please wear your safety glass or related PPE.

If any question,feel free to comment :D