Motor Specifications – Voltage,Ampere and Frequency

These parameters are important to clarify our application design from voltage value,phases,full load ampere, overload setting and frequency setting if using Variable Speed Drive.

As an electrician,we must fully understand what is mean by voltage, ampere and frequency to ensure our application safe and working properly.

Ok…let we start our discussion and explanation about Voltage, Ampere and Frequency on Electric Motor Nameplate.


What is Rated Voltage?For simple understanding, rated voltage is manufacturer design for suitable operated voltage value with optimal performance.We can refer the motor voltage and phases on the nameplate also can decide either voltage/phases is available in our installation or not.Every country have different value of voltage.Please make sure your motor are followed standard country voltage. Read More

Generator Synchronization

Most of the electricity consumed today is produced by three phase synchronous  generator.Since a huge amount of electricity is consumed every day,AC power networks are generally made up of a large number of synchronous generator all operating in the same frequency.

When the power demand increase,additional generator are connected to the AC power network.Before connecting a three phase synchronous generator to an AC power network,the following conditions are to be observed :-

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