DC motor starting

DC motor is the one of common types of motor that used for industrial application.It have more advantage and suitable for more heavy application in industry.

This time i want share some basic information how DC motor starting.It important because from this we can know how to build and setting the controller for DC motor.

As we known,DC motor types such as fractional-horsepower shunt, series, and compound DC motors can be started by connecting the motor directly to DC line voltage. read more

Residual Current Circuit Breaker

This device is important in electrical wiring installation.It is a life guard device to protect from electric shock.Others circuit breaker only can detect the fault from over current and short circuit but cannot detect the current leakage.

That why RCCB is very important.Only this device can detect the current leakage.The current leakage can cause the injury or dead for human and can lead to fire hazard.When design the distribution panel board,please make sure this device include in our planning to install..it for consumer safety and avoid equipment from damage. read more

Split Phase Motor

It is a single phase motors are widely used in electrical appliances such as washing machines, some compressors,vacuum cleaner, table drill, pump, etc.

Why it become a common use? because it has advantages :

  • Good Starting Torque
  • Moderate Efficiency
  • Moderate Cost

it usually has a power rating from 1/20th to ¾ Hp, available to 1.5 Hp

Split phase motor has a primary winding (movement) and the additional windings (starting).

Split phase Motor Operation

  • For the purpose of starting the motor, all the main and additional windings connected in parallel across the line.
  • Starting winding in parallel with Running winding

  • Centrifugal switch mounted in series with the additional windings to be open when the motor reaches a speed of 70% synchronous speed.
  • In the stationary motor, all the windings are used to develop starting torque, but when they reach 70% of the primary speed able to accommodate the resulting torque.

  • Type of Centrifugal Switch
    – Sticks Open
    – Sticks Shut