Benefits of power factor correction

Now around the world,hot topic is about energy saving and energy efficiency.The main item very popular for discussion is how to reduce electricity bills.

In industrial sector,the first step to reduce electricity bills is a power factor correction.This post i explain about the benefits of power factor correction for energy saving and efficiency.It also common practice for industrial.

I already discuss in my last post about power factor correction and capacitor sizing for power factor correction.If you understand the concept and how to calculated the capacitor sizing,you also can do it your self for power factor improvement. read more

Power factor correction

As with any electrical equipment,the works of efficiency usually determine from poor to excellent.How we measure the electrical efficiency?The answer is power factor.I discussed about how to sizing capacitor for  power factor correction on my last post.

Most of electrical motor or inductive equipment powered by two types of power.First is a working power.It measure in kilo watt (kW) unit.It mean this power is actually used to operated the electrical equipment.

Second is a reactive power.It mean inductive equipment need this power to  produced the necessary flux for the operation.The measurement is the kilovar ( kVAR ) unit.

So the working power (kW) and reactive power (kVAR) combined together to make up apparent power.It measure in kilo volt ampere (KVAR) unit.That is we call power factor correction. read more