VDE tools

VDE stand for Verband der Elektrotechnik .It is the Association of German Electrical Engineers as known now by the name of Association for Electrical, Electronic &Information Technologies .

The VDE Testing and Certification Institute is a nationally and internationally accredited institution in the field of  testing and certification of electrical engineering devices,components and systems.

VDE tools is main equipment for electrician when perform their electrical works to avoid short circuit and unnecessary contact to each other of phase if circuit in live mode.All electrician must have a basic about VDE tools and how to use it.

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VDE Screwdriver

What is VDE screwdriver?

In electrical works, sometimes we have to do the work in the live circuit.So to ensure we are safe from electrical shock, equipment used must be appropriate to work in a live circuit.

I`m using a VDE SoftFinish®electric Screwdriver From WIHA.This is my favorite tool because it the high quality blade insulation is molded directly onto the blade and therefore guarantees safety when working on live equipment up to 1500 V DC or 1000 V AC.

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