Types of soft starter

Soft Starter is the common application for electric motor control driven for industry.It efficient motor control and the application is user friendly.

Soft starter now more advance technologies and can replaced conventional motor starter such as star delta starter,auto transformer or Direct Online starter.It already built in the motor control system and easy to install and wiring to our application.

This time i want share some information about types of soft starter.These types is different because it depend on application and system design.Before we install a new soft starter to our application,we need to understand basic types of soft starter.

Normally in the market now it have three different types of soft starter which off er different features and control the motor in different ways.

Different types of Soft Starter controller.


1) One phase controller.

This types controlled the torque only one phase during start the motor.It reduce the shock forced during starting but does not reduce the start current value.This types commonly used in conjunction with a direct on line starter.


2) Two Phase controlled

For this type,Soft starters control only  two phases of motor and it can reduce starting  ampere current.The main purpose is to  eliminating the torque transients.

The suitable application for this types used for normal function and heavy duty loads. The starting current on the uncontrolled phase is slightly higher than the two controlled phases.


3) Three phase controlled

This types of Soft starters control for all three phases.It provide the high  level of controlling system.It more efficient and proper control for motor driven.It suitable for severe duty application and commonly used for industry machine and equipment system.


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