Electric Motor starter method

Basically motor starter designed for asynchronous motors or induction motor is a mechanism  to start and stop the motor operation.It also provides over current,overload and short circuit protection during operation.

The main task is the starter motor to reduce motor starting currents,High inrush current and prevent the motor from operating when suddenly the power supply to be connected.It is for safety and to avoid serious damage of equipment or person.

Motor starter also capable to controlling the forward reverse rotation, speed motor, braking and various other duties as appropriate.In industry,motor starter very common used to control of equipments and application using electric motor for production or any process.

What is the Electric Motor Starter?



Types of motor starter

Since the older day,the electrical engineers made researched and development activities for many type of motor starter or motor control to get a best design and more efficient.

Now we can found many types of motor starter with advanced technology,heavy duty,efficient,easy to install,full with protection and more compact.

There are several types of starter motor commonly used in industry to control electric motor.Below are listed of famous motor starter.It have advantage and disadvantage from some aspects.so we need to choose a suitable motor starter for our application.

Common problems for different starting methods

Here i`m listed some of common problems for different types of motor starter base on my experience when handle the motor starter application for many application such as water pump,machine and production equipment,fire water pump,blower control and many more.

Types of motor starter according to the Horse Power

How to selected the suitable motor starter for induction motor?Here i attach with simple table to describe selecting criteria for motor starter depend on electric motor horse power.

This is only basic criteria for motor starter selection.For more detail please refer motor starter handbooks.

I hope from this post,you can get some idea or clear view about types of motor starter and basic selection criteria for suitable motor starter selection for our application or process.For more detail about electric motor starter method,Please refer to MOTOR STARTER HANDBOOK :-


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