High voltage detector

High voltage detector or indicator is the one of  important tool when perform the task in high voltage.It can determine if electrical line is live or not.The main purpose is to ensure we perform the job in a safety condition.

Around the world,many accident happened for electrical shock came from misidentified the electric line either it live or dead.Maintenance or electrical  person must double verify and confirm the electrical line status before do their job.

In the market now,we can choose many brand and types of high voltage ( HT ) detector.We must selected the suitable device depend on our application and system.

If we not sure how to used it,please request the supplier or technical expert to do a briefing and practical training how to used a high voltage detector.It very important because if not it can cause a serious damage for human and application.


High voltage detector features

  • We can selected the range of voltage from 415 Volt  until 22 kVolt.
  • It lightweight and can minimize sway at the way of long hot stick
  • Self test position ensure that all system function and indicator are working properly.
  • powered by alkaline battery size C and Neon light bulb


Applications for High Voltage detector

  • With this device,non-contact detection of live voltage.
  • It can detect and check for high voltage cables.
  • Can use for check ground cable faulty
  • Detected residual or induced voltage
  • Can trace live cable


Periodical inspection

To ensure this device working in good and safety condition,it is desirable to perform periodical inspection on the dielectric strength performance of detector.

  • As for high voltage detector,dielectric strength should be perform at least once a year.The test must carried out for one minute under the condition of the test voltage of 10kV or higher.
  • Batteries incorporated in voltage detector may be dead due to nature discharge even if they not used.Check them on the time of periodical inspection and replaced if found batteries are dead.

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