Types of lamps

Basically lamp is a device that produce light and heat either by emission,thermal or discharge radiation.It can be produced in many ways depend on manufacturing technology to create a design and suitable with application.

Over the last few years,lighting manufacture start develop the energy saving lamp and pro long the life span of lamp.When we choosing the types of lamp,the important key is must energy efficiency,suitable with design and application also have a long life span.

The efficiency of a lamp is measured in lumen per watt.From chart below,we can see the comparison about efficiency of lamps and we can decide which type more suitable with our needed and application.



Types of lamp

1) Incandescence

Incandescence or thermal luminescence produce light from heat.It fill in by inert gas to protect metal filament and make it glow.In market,we can found the incandescence lamp in several range of light output,sizes and voltage.

Usually this lamp used for advertising lamp,house hold,commercial building and flashlight.For more detail information,please read this post : incandescence lamp

2) Fluorescence

This type of lamp are the processes to create reaction electric current with mercury vapor inside tube and generate the invisible ultra-violet energy.Fluorescence lamp normally used for house hold,school,office building,factory and many more.It more energy saving compare with incandescence lamp.

Now in the market already have new type for fluorescent lamp it called CCFL (cold compact fluorescent lamp).This type more energy saving and long life span.For more info,read this post : Fluorescent lamp

3) LED or Light emitting diode

This type used a light emitting diode or LED create of light.Now in the market it very popular due to be very efficient,energy saving and longest life span. However recent experience shows that LEDs have a range of efficiencies, So we should be careful when selecting LED lamp for any lighting purpose.

Manufacture still in research to make this LED lamp more efficient and better quality also low price.Because in market now the price for this lamp very high cost.For more information,please read this post : LED lamp


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  2. What are the advantages of metal halide/halogen/induction lamps?.

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