Suitable lighting for homes

When we renovated or have a new house,we must planning how to lighting our home which a proper arrangement,looks beautiful and the important thing is energy saving.To archive this,we should have a basic knowledge about how to choose a suitable lighting for home.

Now we can get many types of energy saving lighting such as CFL,Energy Bulb and LED.I highly recommended to use lighting from LED type.Because it very energy saving and have a long lifespan.

This time i want share how to select the right lighting.You can see the different look and feel of a room. Listed below are several ideas to enhance the beauty of the home and to increase lighting energy efficiency.

How to choose the suitable lighting for home?


  • Mount low-profile fluorescent tube fixtures under wall cabinets located above work surfaces to provide the required light for food preparation and clean-up.A good choice is a thin T5 fluorescent tube lamp
  • Use a pendant fixture over a kitchen table or center island and equip the fixture with an ENERGY STAR labeled CFL approved for dimmer use.
  • For ambient lighting, choose ceiling-mounted ENERGY STAR labeled fluorescent fixtures (choose medium to warm color).This minimizes the “gloomy” look of a dark ceiling and can make a small room feel larger

Dining Room

  • Use the new generation of ENERGY STAR CFL-PAR in recessed ceiling or track fixtures as accent lighting to highlight a painting or to illuminate a buffet. CFL floodlights used in recessed cans or similar fixtures can orient the light in a particular direction. A 15-watt CFL is the replacement for a 60 to 65 watt incandescent bulb.

Reading Room

  • Use CFLs with high light-output bulbs in reading lamps next to furniture. The circular style (30-watt) with an electronic ballast will produce 2200 lumen, equivalent to a 150-watt incandescent bulb.

Living Room

  • Try a lighting technique called “wall washing” for ambient lighting. Look for the new recessed ceiling fixtures made for compact fluorescent lamps or use a decorative wall bracket with fluorescent fixtures.
  • Directing the light toward ceilings and walls reflects light throughout the room.This method not as effective in rooms with dark colored walls.

Bed Room

  • Soft, ambient lighting is usually adequate and attractive for bedrooms, with an additional reading lamp or two at the bedside.
  • In a master or guest bedroom, install one ENERGY STAR ceiling fixture using two ENERGY STAR 15-20 watt CFLs


  • Use ENERGY STAR linear fluorescent bulbs and fixtures on both sides of the mirror for the best cosmetic lighting. Fixtures using compact fluorescent bulbs can provide high-color rendering and match the “warm glow” of incandescence while using less energy.


  1. What are the recommended light source for street lighting,yard lighting,security fence lighting,swimming pool,indoor/outdoor stadiums,jewellery shop,super market etc?.

  2. Also use track lights. This is to illuminate part of the house that cannot be reached by your main light source. these are table lamps and buffer lamps. They are versatile and coming in any sizes, shapes and colors.

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