Level of illuminance for industrial lighting

The amount of light required for any of these industrial applications will depend upon the nature of the work carried out. The luminescence required for manufacturing operations is given in table below.

The size of lamp required can be calculated by considering the area to be lighted, the illuminance required,depreciation factor, and the beam factor of the particular projector to be employed.

The level of illuminance is important to ensure workers can perform their task in comfortable condition and not effected to their eyesight such as become blurred or if more serious can cause a blind.

What is level of illumination?

For protect the workers,every country have their own regulation for Environment,safety and health occupational.The employer must follow the regulation and specification.

This matter look simple and not important but the fact is can make person become disabilities and it can make their life more difficult.

The high productivity and good quality output will resulting from suitable level of illuminance.The workers more focus about their task and it not harm the sight with lighting at working area.

Table for several working area illumination level in LUX.For more detail information and advice,please refer and contact local OSHA department.



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